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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Introducing KeyShot 5




Rendered in KeyShot 4. 3D model obtained from GrabCAD


This article discuss about KeyShot which is a standalone 3D rendering and animation application developed for instructional designers and engineers. Using existing CAD models you can create photo-realistic 3D scene in minutes. The wonderful part about this application is, you don’t have to be a rendering expert to create awesome images of your 3D models. Just click and drag the ready-made materials to the model and the environment settings is equally awesome too. The price is reasonable for the standalone application and capable of network rendering with different license add-on. For more about network rendering you can refer to my previous articles here. In this article we will discuss:
  • Rendering speed in KeyShot
  • Network rendering and price
  • Sketchup and KeyShot
  • Areas of application
  • Conclusion

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